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Under the following conditions of use ("Conditions") "we", "NAS" and/or "Our" mean owners of this website ("Witryna"), its subsidiaries, branches and all entities associated entities (if exist).

These conditions with ours Privacy policy specify the entire agreement regarding the use of this site ("contract").

We can from time to time change the conditions of use, at any time without notification, publishing such changes in sites. Changes in the conditions of use will come into force when they are published; Further use of the site and/or services made available on the site or through it after publishing any changes in the conditions of use will be considered to be accepted by these changes. By using websites, you accept and agree to these terms of use in application to use the website and declare and guarantee that you have the right, right and the possibility of concluding this contract on your own behalf. If you do not agree with these conditions of use, you cannot access or use the site in another way.

You declare that you have reached the age of majority and have the right to make decisions regarding the use of games and games with games that can display forms of advertising.

Legal age

The site is not directed or intended for use by persons under 18 years of age. By using the sites, you declare and guarantee that you are at least 18 years old. If you are less than 18, in no circumstances or for any reason you cannot use the site.

Service and materials

Information and materials made available via the website, including, among others, all data, text, graphics, images, audio and video clips, logo, plaques, software and/or links (total "materials"), are aimed at informing about online casinos and Online casino games.

The site is a supplier of independent information and recommendations for people interested in playing at the online casino. All information presented on the website serves only information purposes and in no case should be treated as legal advice, financial advice, business advice, games on games, gambling tips or any other advice. Always consult an expert before making any decision that brings risk.

If you decide on gambling, we recommend checking local regulations before starting online or offline. Your sole duty is to understand local gambling regulations and strictly observe their parameters. By using the site, you agree and acknowledge that the site does not provide any authoritative or qualified advice on the legality of online gambling or offline that it does not provide any guarantees or guarantees of accuracy or correctness of such information that it waives all related responsibility with consumption and the use of such information and that you are solely responsible for understanding the gambling regulations in your jurisdiction and compliance with them.

Games and gambling, including poker, are risky by nature. Do not expect or assume that any information contained on the site may or will reduce the risk of loss if you decide to play poker or gambling for money. By using the site or its services, you agree and acknowledge that playing any game for real or real money is a risky activity that may result in a financial loss, and as a result of gambling you can lose some or all of such money. You agree that we and our directors, officials, employees, contractors, related companies or agents do not bear any liability for any losses incurred by you as a result of such activities.

It should be remembered that we are not a gambling operator or a provider of any gambling services, nor are we controlled by them. This site does not accept or facilitate gambling.

The site contains links to external websites of third parties. The site does not affect the content of such third parties and is not responsible for such content. We recommend that you carefully read all the conditions of use and the privacy policy of third parties before starting gambling.

Intellectual property rights

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User notification

As a website user, you can send your comments that can consist of textual content and potentially photos, videos, images, audio files, other types of content and links to such content, if it is allowed by the website (in total referred to as "application user") . You are solely responsible for your own applications of the user and the consequences of their publication or publication. In connection with the User's notifications, you confirm, declare and/or guarantee that: User notifications are your original work and that you have or have the necessary licenses, rights, consent and permission to use the User's applications

By sending us the user's applications, you hereby provide us with a global, irrevocable, non -exclusive, free, unreliable, subordinating and transferable license for the use, duplication, distribution, preparation of derivatives, displaying and performing user applications in connection with the site and our business, including Other to redistribute parts or all user entries (and their derivative works) in any media formats and through any media channels. You hereby also provide to each user of the Website or other browser or the User of the User's notification of the right to use, duplicate, distribute, prepare derivatives, display and perform such applications of the user, all in accordance with these Terms

You agree that you will not send any materials as part of the user's applications that are protected by copyright, trade secret or otherwise subject to the property rights of third parties, including laws and advertising laws, unless you are the owner of such rights or you have permission from Their legitimate owner and the necessary consent of all persons whose personal data is contained in such material, to publish the material and grant us all the license rights granted in this document. In addition, the user guarantees and declares that he will reveal the existence of any patent registration or expectant applications, which in any way refer to the user's application.

You agree not to use our service and site to:

  1. conduct any commercial activities;
  2. hurt minors in any way;
  3. impersonate any person or subject or falsely present or otherwise to present your connection with a person or entity;
  4. send, publish, combine, send or otherwise provide the user's content that you do not have the right to provide under any right or under contractual or trust relations (such as internal information, reserved and confidential information);
  5. send, publish, connect, send or otherwise provide the user's content that violates any patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyright or other property rights of any party;
  6. send, publish, link, transfer or otherwise provide unwanted or unauthorized advertisements, promotional materials, messages-Śmieci, spam, chains, pyramids or any other form of fusion;
  7. send, publish, combine, send or otherwise provide any materials containing software viruses or other computer code, files or programs for interrupting, destroying or limiting the functionality of software or computer equipment or telecommunications equipment;
  8. They intentionally or inadvertently violate all applicable provisions of local, state, national or international law and all provisions with the power of law;
  9. persecute or harass others in a different way;
  10. Collect or store personal data of other users in connection with prohibited behaviors and actions specified in these terms; or
  11. send, publish, connect, send or otherwise provide the user's content that;
  • They are offensive, indecent, arousing reservations, unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, aggressive, delicious, defamatory, vulgar, defamatory, violating
  • someone's privacy, hateful or hateful against racial, ethnic or otherwise;
  • contains nudity at all or is pornographic or obscene;
  • uses any person, including children or minors; or
    It discloses or contains any personal data (such as name or address) about any person who seems to be less than 18 years old.

The User acknowledges that we can or cannot check the user's notification, but that we and the person designated by us have the right (but not obligation) at our own discretion to check, reject, delete or edit any user reports that are available via the website . We reserve the right to decide, at our own discretion whether the user's application violates these conditions. Without limiting the above, we and the persons designated by us have the right to remove any user reports that violate these conditions or we believe that they are inappropriate for another reason.

Your duties

You need to make sure that you follow the applicable regulations in your area before using the services of any third party website connected on the site, including after reaching the age entitling to gambling in your jurisdiction.

The user must use the website and content only for personal purposes and do not violate the provisions of the intellectual property rights section.


You hereby release us from liability and commit ourselves to protect us from all losses, damages, costs, obligations and expenses (including, among others, legal costs and all amounts paid by us, the third party as part of the resolution of all disputes or claims or on the advice of our legal advisors ) incurred or incurred by us as a result of your violation of any of the provisions of these conditions or arising from any claim that you violated any provision of these conditions.


We can create partnerships with third pages that will allow you to access the websites of such third pages directly from our website. These links are given only for information purposes. We do not control the content of any resources or sites of third parties and we are not responsible for them, including damage or losses that may result from their use. Turning on any link does not mean supporting the site. The use of such a connected website is at your own risk. We recommend conducting our own research and due diligence in relation to such third parties, their products and services.


The page and its materials are delivered "as it is" and without any guarantees, clear or implied. To the widest extent permissible by the applicable law, we waive all guarantees, clear or implied, including, among others, implied guarantees of the title of ownership, non -violation of rights, accuracy, commercial value and warranty from trading, the course of execution or the use of trade. We do not guarantee that the use of a site or materials will be uninterrupted, free from errors or safe, that the defects will be repaired, or that the site (or any part of it, including materials), server (s) on which the site is hosted or software is free From viruses or other harmful elements. The user confirms that he is responsible for obtaining and maintaining everything computer equipment and other equipment necessary to access and use the site and all those associated with us. The user bears all responsibility and risk of using the site and trust with them. No opinion, advice or statements made on the website, in materials or otherwise constitutes a guarantee. The use of the site and all materials and services provided through the website are completely at your own risk. This section applies regardless of whether the services provided on the website are payable. The applicable law may not allow certain guarantees to be excluded, so in this scope the specified exclusions specified in this document may not apply.

Limitation of responsibility

We are not liable for any indirect, accidental, secondary, special, sample, criminal or other damage (including, among others, damage to business loss, data loss or profits), under any contract, thrine liability or other theory resulting from the site and the site /Or materials contained on the site, materials, any connected websites or any products or services purchased via third pages. The only solution in the case of dissatisfaction with the site, materials or any connected sites is to stop using the site, materials or connected websites.

Since some states or jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for secondary or accidental damages, the above restriction may not apply.

The company is not responsible for the content of any content on the website or on the pages of third parties access from this site, nor does it guarantee the accuracy of any information contained on the external site or its usefulness to the intentional entity.

The total total responsibility and compensation in connection with the use of the site, partly or in full, or its materials, is limited in cash categories to an amount not exceeding ten dollars (USD 10.00).

Proper law: time limitation regarding claims

Arbitrate. Any disputes, disputes or claims arising from this Agreement or related to this contract or termination with this violation or its invalidity will be resolved in arbitration mode in accordance with the principles regarding electronic transactions may be changed by the rest of this clause. The establishment authority is the International Arbitration Center in Hong Kong. The place of arbitration will be in Hong Kong at Hong Kong International Arbitration Center (HKIAC). The dispute will be run before a set of three (3) arbitrators. You and we hereby clearly renounce the trial by the jury. The discovery and rights to appeal in arbitration are generally more limited than in suing, and other laws that you and we would be in court may not be available in arbitration. Neither the user nor will we participate in the collective or collective arbitration in the scope of any claims covered by this arbitration agreement. You waive the right to participate as a collective representative or a collective member in any collective claim that you may have against us, including all the right to collective arbitration or all consolidation of individual arbitration. Any provision of applicable law, regardless of the arbitrator, will not be entitled to grant compensation, compensation or prizes that are located with this contract.

Choice of right. This contract and all claims or reasons for the claim (contractual, tort or statutory), which may be based on this contract or related to any statements or guarantees submitted in or in connection with this contract or as an incentive to conclude this contract), is subject and is enforced in accordance with the internal provisions of the Cajman law, including their limitation. You acknowledge, understand and accept that the United Nations Convention on Agreements for International Sale of Goods does not apply to these Terms.


These terms conclude the entire agreement between you and us regarding the use of services. If any of the provisions of these Terms is considered invalid, unlawful or impossible in any respect, this decision will be limited or removed to a minimum necessary extent, so that these conditions remain in full power and effectiveness and enforceability. Non -performance of any part of these conditions does not renounce our right to enforce this or any other part of these conditions later. In order for any waiver of compliance with these conditions to be binding, we must provide you with a written notification of such waiver. You and we are independent contractors, and these conditions do not assume or create any agency, partnership or joint venture relationship. Section and paragraph headers in these conditions are only used and do not affect the interpretation of these conditions. You agree that with the exception of cases clearly defined in these terms, there will be no beneficiaries who are third parties. We can civilize, transfer or delegate any of our rights and obligations arising from this Agreement without consent.

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