Online casino SMS payment: player's guide

Online casino They have a lot of advantage over traditional, stationary gambling caves. In addition to bonuses, a large choice of games and a good RTP coefficient, players attract various forms of payment. Recently, another payment method has been gaining popularity - online casino SMS payment, not even requiring an electronic portfolio. Such a casino for SMS allow you to pay quite anonymously and do not use the banking system for this. Payments are also simple and fast, and although they are not without restrictions, more and more players are convinced that the charging of the casino by SMS can be a good idea for a game.

Online casino that accepts the deposit by SMS

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SMS payments in online casinos

Everyone has a phone today, and it can be used not only to play in the browser in casino games, but also to make payments. This is enabled by the premium SMS function, available from most mobile telephony operators in our country. It consists in the fact that after sending an SMS to a specific number, assigned to the SMS casino, she receives a certain amount of money, downloaded from your telephony account, or charged to the invoice for the next month.

The SMS weave is held in full via the phone. As the name indicates, you do not need to have an application or install additional software on your phone. The simplicity of this payment channel allows you to make payments only by sending a text message.

🥇 Top SMS Casino casino
💰 minimum deposit in casino SMS AUD 50 (AUD)
⏱ Casino speed on the phone Immediately
🎁 Bonus up to AUD 1000 (AUD)
⭐️ Premium SMS casino available
💲 Currencies accepted by the SMS casino AUD (AUD)

It is also worth remembering that the availability of the SMS Casino deposit function may depend on your mobile operator. Some operators may not allow the sending of such texts. In addition, most operators have a predetermined amount of limit for such premium payments. It is established to prevent abuse, for example sending a large number of such messages after the theft of the phone.

So if the casino on the phone failed to you, check first if your account has restrictions and the operator to take off the lock. For most of the largest Australian operators, such as Orange or T-Mobile, you can do it by sending a text message or by ing by phone. Another limit may be the unavailability of such messages on older SIM cards.

Online casino weaves via SMS

Casino topping through SMS takes place in a similar way, regardless of the online casino. To start the payment, log in to the casino and go to the Payment tab.

  1. Find this method of online casino payment via SMS and enter the amount you want to top up on your account. You will also have to choose your mobile phone operator. Then you will display a message about the phone number and the content of the message to be sent to the given number.
  2. Send a message now, carefully rewriting the content. If you did it correctly, you will receive a return SMS that the money has been added to your account. Your balance in the SMS casino should automatically increase by the selected amount.

Alternative procedure for the Casino for SMS casino

  1. Instead of sending an SMS here, you order a free text message to your phone number, entering the amount and your number.
  2. Then you rewrite the content of the message you will receive on the generated website of the operator, which will collect funds and add them as topping up the casino by SMS.

Regardless of which method supports the casino SMS, both are fast and safe.

SMS payments at online casinos

Payments using a text message in Casyn with a SMS deposit are not possible. This is due to the construction of this payment system. The casino simply cannot send you money to the phone, in the form of a card top -up, or reducing the amount on the account account. For this reason, the only way to pay prizes is to choose another payment method. In the event that you manage to accumulate a amount of winnings, use an electronic purse, card or transfer by bank transfer to collect the money you have.

SMS Casino of alternatives Available in Australia

Advantages of casinos with an SMS payment

  • High level of safety: Because you do not provide any credit card numbers here or enter login data, they cannot flow out. SMS payments belong to the most secure methods of deposits in the casino. You only need to remember not to send text messages to any suspicious numbers, because this may result in charging fees without topping up your casino account. You can find a list of reliable casinos for SMS on our website.
  • Possibility to play with a smaller deposit: Internet casino SMS topping up is intended for people who do not want to spend much to start. That is why the amounts that can be made, often start from twenty or forty AUD. The currency does not matter here. If the casino supports a different currency than the funds on your account, it will be converted.
  • Payments outside the banking system: Sometimes players for various reasons do not want information about the game in the casino to be on the bank statement. And rightly, we finally have the right to anonymity. Online casino SMS allows it, allowing you to trade casino outside the bank transfer. Information about premium messages and additional fees will only be visible on the billing of your bank account and nowhere else.
  • Simplicity of making deposits: As we described below, online casino SMS top -up is a trivial payment method. All you need is a phone for it and you do not need electronic purse or payment cards. Simple send a SMS, or read the code from the text message and enter it on a dedicated page.
  • Full selection of games: Casinos paid in this way do not limit access to games. So you can play both on machines and live. It doesn't matter that you paid with SMS. However, the limitation is the inability to receive wins in this way, as we write about.

FAQ about the Casino Deposit by SMS

◒ The most important advantages of payment by SMS?
Payments with text messages are easy to use, they do not require a bank account and are made very quickly. In addition, they are safe and the threshold of entering the online game is not high in this way.
◐ SMS payment defects?
The main disadvantage of the casino with SMS is the inability to pay with this method. In addition, the amounts we can send to the casino are small. So it is a method for players who do not plan to engage large funds in the game at the beginning.
◓ Are SMS payments secure?
Yes. Casino SMS deposit one of the most secure payment methods. You only need to pay attention to play only in licensed and reliable casinos. The recommendations of such casinos can be found on our portal.