Live roulette

A spinning circle, a buzzing ball and a croupier that announces the win of the one who could predict the result of the roulette round. These unique emotions could be experienced only at a stationary casino. However, everything changed with the development of online gambling technologies. Today, players can take advantage of the offer provided by the live roulette, i.e. a game for real money, conducted in the form of streaming with live casinos. Find out what live roulette is on and get to know its main types. Also check if you can play it on mobile devices and what are the strengths and weaknesses of this game. Also find out what casinos live roulette is available and where it is worth registering.

Online live roulette in the best online casinos in Australia

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The offer of casinos directing services to players from Australia is currently very rich. But how to choose the perfect casino in which live roulette is available? The knowledge and experience of our experts, which we share with you in our guide, will help you. In the table above you will find carefully selected casinos, assessed according to the criteria described below. All operators conducting the casino recommended by us have a license to conduct gambling, providing a legal game on the Internet. The list is regularly updated by us and we still add casinos to it, which improve the offer - so it's worth visiting us often.

Live roulette guide

Live roulette online - Casino evaluation criteria

When deciding on the selection of the best casinos offering live games, we use a number of criteria. They allow us to compare various internet casinos and eliminate those that we cannot honestly recommend to our players. The most important of them is presented below.

  • The license is a key advantage of any decent internet casino. Without a license by one of the domestic or territorial bodies regulating gambling on the web, because there is no question of fair and reliable play in roulette. Supervisory authorities, such as Malta Gaming Authority, certify the online casino, allowing business only provided that strict requirements are met. In addition, we also check whether the license that the casino has is current.
  • The second key issue for games such as live roulette is the assessment of casino safety. We break our analysis of safe game on several issues such as technical and financial security, as well as gambling addiction. When it comes to technical security, the basis is SSL certificate, hindering the takeover of the player's data, for example by the MAN in the Middle method. The casino should also not have gaps that allow the use of exploits, i.e. holes that allow, for example, to take over the account. Financial security should include the use of reliable payment channels, as well as keeping customer deposits on separate accounts. We also check the provisions of the regulations that may indicate this. Finally, the casino should prevent gambling addiction, using a number of techniques that reduce players' susceptibility to addiction. The casino should therefore allow the player to temporarily or permanently exclude whether to cooperate with addiction organizations.
  • Nevertheless, it is important to us what other players from Australia and the world think about the casino. By checking the livelights of live reviews, we can determine whether there were any incidents related to payments or a transparent gameplay in the past. Although we carefully test the casino and even play the role of the so -called mysterious customer, some aspects may escape. The analysis of information from the community of players, as well as insiders, will allow you to better assess the reviewed casino and provide you with a good recommendation.
  • A large selection of live casinos games, in particular internet roulettes, in turn, is an important issue for those who are looking for an ideal game for themselves, with the possible RTP factor. If you quickly get bored, playing one roulette and often look for a variety, choose a casino in which many live games will be available from numerous developers. Cooperation with numerous game providers also indicates that the casino is credible because it maintains contracts with many entities. This is especially important for games such as live roulette online, because its variants are relatively few, unlike internet vending machines.
  • The ease of playing and registration will be appreciated especially by novice players. The casino should provide simple registration within a few minutes. The account verification procedure should also be uncomplicated, not occupying much, and the scope of the required documents is to be kept to a minimum. Navigation and interface should be simplified so that finding and choosing roulettes is simple. This is especially important for players on mobile devices who prefer playing on smartphones. Contextual help should also be available in roulette, allowing you to easily check the full rules of the game, its regulations, as well as the RTP coefficient.
  • A solid selection of payment channels should be characterized by any self -respecting casino. We assess the amount of available forms Casino of Deposit, which should include payment cards, various e-portmonettes, electronic payment systems, including best that there is also popular here in Australia LOOK. As far as possible, operators can also provide more unusual, non -bank forms of payments, for example, PaySaFecard preposed cards, which we will buy for cash. Finally, more technically advanced players should be able to play live roulette with a crumb using cryptocurrency payments in the blockchain network, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple. All these payments must be made quickly, which applies to both payments and payments. After all, the long waiting for the payment of the prize won for betting on roulette is not pleasant for anyone. Winning the cash register should therefore be sent quickly, with as low fees and commissions. Finally, the casino should also support our currency to avoid fees for converting when paying live roulette online.
  • Finally, the last element is customer service. The casino, which he wants to be considered credible, must ensure with the help of as many communication channels as possible. We test the service by asking the most difficult questions and checking if we get competent and quick answers. The casino should provide not only through the form, but also live chat, e-mail and preferably a phone. All these forms of communication must be made available not only in English, but also Australian, so that players from our country have no problems dealing with any account, payment or gameplay matters.

Live roulette online - main types

While only one, ordinary roulette wheel is usually standing in ordinary casinos, it is much more interesting in games with a crumb online. Internet casinos offer not only European type roulette, with one zero, but many more interactive and unusual types of playing fields. This allows you to gain not only greater fun opportunities, but even use more sophisticated strategies. Above all, however, the selection of roulette will affect the height of a potential return from the game, as well as variability. Therefore, he will matter for the final profits from the game session with the cruciferous. We will present here the main types of roulette you can come across by playing on the web.

American live roulette

For the first time created in Las Vegas, it is a variety of roulette, which has a typical layout of the field on the board, however, it differs with an additional, double zero ("00"), located on the wheel. If the ball falls on them, or on a single zero, the casino always wins, regardless of what the players bet. As you can guess, the RTP in American roulette is smaller and amounts to only 94.74%. Experienced players choose other types of roulette, providing more opportunities to win real money.

Roulette Live France

We will meet this type of roulette most often. On her circle there are 35 numbers winning in black and red, and one green zero. If the ball stops on the latter, the casino wins, regardless of the fields placed by players. The RTP coefficient in French roulette is 97.3%.

European live roulette

It's just a different name of French roulette. So we have single green zero here, and its RTP is 97.3%. Besides, the rules are identical. This and previously mentioned live roulette are most often found in the casinos we recommend. They also provide a higher chance of winning, so if you have such an opportunity, it is much more profitable to play it than in American roulette, because it brings a greater long -term chance to win money.

Slingshot Auto Roulette

The title Prca ("SLINGSHOT"), throws a ball here on the roulette wheel, so you don't need a dealer to operate every turn. This is a kind of automatic roulette, whose principles do not differ from European roulette. We have one green zero here, thanks to which the chance to win is maximum.

Speed Roulette

In this super fast version of the roulette, one round takes only 25 seconds from one spinning wheel to another. It is run by specially qualified crumb who can handle such a fast roulette, in which the game lasts about 50% shorter than in the case of typical games. You don't have much time to play? It will necessarily try this variant in which you will play in a short time.

Double Action Roulette

This is an interesting variant of ordinary roulette, in which instead of an ordinary field 3 out of 12, we have two boards to bet numbers, each size 6 on 6. You can decide to bet on the field in only one board, then the rules are similar to the usual roulette French and European. However, if you bet on both boards, you must guess the number on which both balls will stop. Thanks to this, you will win a multiplied rate, although of course the chance to get such an event is many times smaller.

Double Ball Roulette

This is an innovative variant of live roulette from Evolution Gaming, in which there are two balls in the game. After pressing the lever in a special patented device, both balls hit the circle at the same time, providing the possibility of winning even to the X1300 in one round, provided that the player correctly betting on both balls. Double fun, on one roulette, for people who like unconventional gambling games.

Live roulettes in Australia
⚡ Immersive Roulette Evolution Games
❤ Live Speed Roulette Playtech
⏰ 24×7 Live Roulette Authentic
🎯 Classic Roulette NetEnt

Live roulette - the best developers

Not all developers offer the possibility of live gameplay. Only the largest online game operators have appropriate funds, such as casino studies and technology, necessary to ensure fun in live roulette. Below we chose the three largest suppliers offering this game live.

  • Evolution Games: One of the largest companies in the gambling industry, specializing in live games. The developer founded in 2006 from the beginning dynamically took a strong position on the market, which allowed him to take over such braces of online gambling as Netent, Red Tiger and Ezuga. Interestingly, the company also has its headquarters in Australia, where game technologies are created. Evo -Gaming has licenses issued by such organs as Malta Gaming Authority and the British Gambling Commission. Some of the most interesting roulettes of this Live game provider include Immersive Roulette, Speed Roulette, Auto Roulette and Instant Roulette.
  • Playtech: This developer is among the oldest companies operating on the online casino game market. Playtech was founded in 1999 and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. The company has taken over smaller game producers such as Yoyo Games or QuickSpin, and in Australia is known for its cooperation with the state Totalizator Sportowy. Author's technologies such as PlayTech One and Playtech Protect not only increase the game's capabilities, but also protect players and casinos from abuse. Among the most interesting roulettes offered by this supplier include Roulette Lite, Speed Roulette and Single Zero Roulette.
  • Ezugi He is a developer valued by players from around the world for good technical performance of offered games with Live. Live Ezuga games are led by crisps in six languages, unfortunately there are no Australian among them. The developer has licenses of domestic and regional operators, among others from Belgium, Bulgaria and Curacao territory. The most interesting Ezuga roulettes are, for example, Live Roulette Portomaso, Marina Roulette Live, Live Roulette Oracle.

Live roulette - advantages and disadvantages

Compared to the usual roulette in stationary casinos, the following elements are distinguished by the following elements:

Advantages of live roulette:

  • Possibility to play wherever you are,
  • Availability on mobile devices,
  • Many types of roulettes unheard of in ordinary casinos.

Live roulette defects:

  • Rarely available with Krupierz service in Australian,
  • You do not have direct with other players (only chat),
  • Liquid streaming requires a faster internet connection.

Chances of winning live roulette in online casinos

To calculate the chance of winning, you need to know two parameters. This is the number of fields in which only the casino and the total number of fields of available fields winning in a given configuration wins. We get the advantage of the casino for a given plant by dividing the first of the parameters given by the sum of all fields and multiplying for 100%. Let's show it now on the example of a typical roulette with one green zero.

If there are 35 numerical fields and one green zero (losing), then the RTP coefficient to bet on a number is 1/36 * 100%. By subtracting the casino advantage (2.77%) from 100%, we will get approximately 97.3%, which is the final RTP coefficient. In the same way, we can calculate the chance to hit even or odd fields, groups of numbers, or black and red. However, RTP will not change, because the number of green fields remains the same for one roulette.

The most popular live roulette categories in online casinos

In addition to the type of roulette, i.e. the rules that apply to the game, casinos divide roulettes into several additional categories, such as new, mobile roulettes or with a high return rate from the game. Below we will describe the most important of them.

Mobile live roulette live

These are roulettes that have been specially prepared to play live. Although all currently available roulettes with a crumb allow you to play on the phone and tablet, these games have been particularly adapted to mobile fun. They are distinguished by excellent optimization for playing in a browser or in the application on the phone, so you can play them wherever you are and wherever you have access to the Internet. Such roulettes are most often distinguished by a field of game adapted to the smartphone touch screen and simplified navigation. They will be appreciated by all players who like to play roulette in their free time on the phone, for example during a break for lunch or on their way to work.

New live roulette online

Professional players know perfectly well how important it is to be up to date with game premieres. This is because new roulettes not only offer better design or easier navigation, but often provide higher RTP coefficients. Newer roulettes are also often more original ideas for fun. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the category of new roulettes live, thanks to which you will gain access to the latest games collected in one place.

The most realistic live roulette

In this category you will find roulettes with a live crumb, which try to best give the atmosphere of a stationary casino, moving and pulling the player into the game. An example would be Immersive Roulette from Evolution Gaming. This is an online live roulette, in which the fun is broadcast not from one, but from several cameras, making yourself in the middle of the action. Check the category of the most realistic live roulettes, if you want to trace the spinning wheel in HD quality, and even from the possibility of previewing Replay, like in a football match.

Roulette for real money live with the greatest payment

High payments are the last important category under which live roulette is often classified. These are roulettes that offer higher than average RTP coefficients, ensuring a potentially higher return from the gameplay with long -term game. As we have already mentioned, these are especially all types of roulette with a single zero, in which the return is 97.3%. These are games that players choose playing strategies such as martingale to maximize potential profits. In the casinos we recommend, you can play the most profitable varieties of roulette with a live crust.

FAQ live roulette

How to play live roulette?
Start by choosing one of the casinos that we recommend in this article. Then register by filling out a form with personal data. Make sure that they are introduced correctly, because it is necessary for the later verification of the account. After creating the account, make the first payment, by the way not forgetting about the deposit bonus. Then choose roulette and put the stake for selected fields. Watch the round of the round, and if you put it correctly, you will pick up your winnings.
Can live roulette cheat players?
Live roulette games in the casinos recommended by us are conducted only by recognized operators such as Evolution Gaming. This ensures a high level of transparency and reliability of the game. In addition, all casinos we recommend have a license to conduct gambling on the Internet, issued by bodies such as Malta Gaming Authority, which ensures rigorous compliance with the law.
Is online roulette available on the phone?
Yes. All casinos we recommend were adapted to the game on smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android. Live games are currently created in HTML5 technology, which allows multiplatform operation on all browsers.
Is live roulette online available for real money?
Yes. By playing in the casinos we recommend, you get a chance for real winnings. You can pay all the funds obtained in the live game to your account, card or e-portmonette, or allocate for a further game.
Is live roulette online available for free?
Not. Unlike the table, virtual roulette, we will not play live games for free using virtual resources. However, most casinos offer a deposit bonus that can sometimes be used for live game without risk.
How to get a roulette bonus?
To get a bonus, allowing you to get free funds to play roulette, you need to top up your account for a certain amount, accepting the bonus regulations. The deposit bonus will increase the funds you paid. In some cases, it may also be necessary to enter the bonus code. In such a system