What to do in case of gambling addiction?

Each year, 14 million people in Australia grow gambling in one form or another. This is about 37% of the population. For the vast majority, this is a harmless form of entertainment. However, some people experience problems and may fall victim to gambling addiction. It was for them that this article from Gambling Orb was created.

Access to online plants in Australia is very convenient and everyone can bet, even when traveling or traveling to work.

If you or someone you know, show any signs of gambling problems, try to get help in the field of addiction as soon as possible. In this article, the Gambling ORB syndrome is delving into the topic of which warning signs should be paid and what are the real chances of improving this situation.


How does gambling addiction affect you, your friends, loved ones and social life?

In Australia, gambling addiction is a very serious problem. The average financial loss per capita is AUD 3,700. This number increases to AUD 60,000 in the case of heavy gamblers. With more than a third of a society betting on plants during the year, gambling addiction is a very real problem.

The consequences of heavy gambling include the loss of both material goods and money. Addicted people can resort to the sale of assets such as cars and houses. Their debt may constantly increase. They also often borrow money from loan sharks. It also happens that people addicted to gambling resort to theft in their workplace, as well as in friends and family.

A lie is becoming the norm because addicts try to hide their problems. This behavior affects trust and relationships.

It is very hard to stop playing, which unfortunately affects work or learning. Growing stress associated with growing debt threatens good emotional well -being. Humorzists become addicted and feel anxious, which can even cause panic attacks.

Looking for help from a Australian gambling specialist is the best solution.

Signs of gambling addiction

Recognizing signs of gambling addiction is usually easier for other than at home. People tend to disregard problems or look for excuses.

Financial signals

Financial problems are usually the first manifestation of gambling addiction. If you have a bank account with someone who is addicted to gambling, you may notice that the money is paid for no reason, and home -made blackheads left somewhere in jars, bags and wallets may begin to disappear.

If the addict cannot find any money around, he can resort to setting valuable items from home.

If it turns out that you do not have access to bank statements or find unpaid bills and advice - all this can be a sign of gambling problem.

If you or someone you know, show any of the above symptoms, call the hotline of gambling to obtain help.

Changes in mood and behavior

Poles addicted to gambling usually experience changes in mood and behavior. Symptoms that should be noticed include:

  • no communication and withdrawal,
  • poor productivity in the workplace,
  • worry or showing signs of stimulation for no reason,
  • helplessness, frustration, depression or threat of suicide.
  • changes in everyday habits, including food, sleeping and libido,
  • attempts to control others or manipulation,
  • exaggerated charm or threat.

Mood and behavior changes can be very annoying to close friends and loved ones. These types of symptoms can be solved by gambling.

Observation of compulsive behavior of gamblers

When someone is addicted to gambling, he tries to spend as much time as possible on the game - usually at the expense of something different, so pay attention to:

  • regularly lowering social meetings and no explanations,
  • Repeatedly being late for meetings,
  • frequent vacation at work,
  • devoting more time than necessary to perform routine works.

Poles trying to hide compulsive behaviors can be very ingenious. After all, they must somehow explain their absence. However, if you want to show such a person how to stop growing gambling, you cannot believe in her excuses, even if you justify yourself in this way.

Ways to overcome gambling addiction

Poles with gambling problems have several options when it comes to regaining control. You can:

  • Call trust phone: 801 889 880,
  • a support organization, such as anonymous gamblers,
  • talk to a financial advisor.

You can also try to talk to the person you trust, e.g. with a family member or roommate. It can be a close friend, social advisor, doctor or other health care worker.

It is important to have motivation to deal with gambling. Without any form of external help, throwing gambling will most likely fail.

Do not think that you have no problem with gambling because you are addicted only on online vending machines. The type of games he can't stop playing in does not matter. It can be blackjack, roulette, poker or slots. An attempt to overcome addiction to poker is the same as trying to overcome all kinds of desire for gambling.

Your starting point should be the desire to get help in online gambling. Organizations such as Gamblers Anonymous They offer support to all people affected by the gambling problem. Gambling orb can also help you by indicating the right direction. Ultimately, however, you have to take this first step.

Look for help or therapy

Organizations such as anonymous gamblers offer a 24 -hour hotline, thanks to which you can connect to a professional at any time. Such a phone can really help.

All advisers are competent people. It often turns out that such a private and confidential conversation makes a huge difference. The adviser on the other side of the handset can look at your situation from a completely new and objective point of view, and because it has been thoroughly trained, he can assess and analyze the problems of players.

Gamblers in Australia are very independent people who are hard to admit to the problem. However, obtaining help in the field of online gambling can dispel any doubts and make a person more open to a conversation.

If you are not ready for direct interaction with the adviser, you can by e-mail.

Pros and cons of consulting online

Benefits Disadvantages
Convenience and flexibility Text messages may be incorrectly interpreted
No waiting lists, travel or costs Writing speed or lack of synchronization can be frustrating
Available to all people struggling with gambling Not suitable for sudden, crisis situations

Overcoming fear of treatment

The thought of treatment may not speak to some Australian gamblers, but it can really help.

CBT therapy (CBT) explores the backstage of gambling, looking at such things as the beliefs of a person about their own happiness during strategic gameplay in games that do not require any skills.

Other problems related to gambling addiction such as anxiety, depression and being socially excluded can also be healed through psychological therapies.

A conversation with a financial advisor, in turn, can help in finding an alternative to paying off debt.

Group therapy

Group therapy is another option that helps in gambling addiction. If you do not want to use help online, start with a conversation with a doctor who, if necessary, direct you to the appropriate psychologist.

It is also worth organizing sessions of group psychotherapy that will allow you to discuss your problems and talk about potential therapies with peers under a professional eye.

Self -confusion, i.e. a permanent solution

Self -confusion is the final option to deal with the problem of gambling addiction. It should be used only after the other alternatives are exhausted. All the best Australian online casinos offer self -confusion. If you think this is the only solutions, you can the online gambling support team at a given casino and ask you to put you on the exclusion list.

If you have decided to completely exclude, your casino membership will be canceled. However, some players from Australia decide only to exclude from some games.

On some platforms you have the option of setting daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits. They differ depending on the casino.

Self -conflation programs in different countries

Several countries have already implemented self -closing programs. In Great Britain it is a gamstop that applies to all British bookmakers licensed by the British Gambling Commission. The Swedish Gambling Inspectorate has a similar program called SPELPAUS.

All these self -closing programs have one common feature: they block players to access online casinos licensed by their national license authorities. However, they cannot stop players from access to online casinos licensed by other agencies.

Gambling prohibition programs to order

Online gambling assistance is also available in dedicated programs such as Gamban and Gamlock. These programs are not limited to a given country. You can use them to exclude yourself from bookmakers around the world. They also have the option of parental control, so you can block access to online bookmakers.

Discreet help with gambling addiction

Nobody likes to admit to gambling addiction, which is why a number of anonymous organizations have been created. Of course, gambling addiction is not only a problem of players from Australia. Many countries around the world have this type of agencies.

Global anonymous assistance organizations

Gambling Orb, as part of helping people addicted to gambling, presents a list of useful organizations.

Gamblers Anonymous

The community of gambling anonymous was founded in 1957 and has its representatives around the world. The only condition for players who want to join is the desire and motivation to stop gambling or controlling it. Anonymous gamblers offer a 12-stage program that helps players manage their factories. Details on the AH website: http://www.anonimowihazardzisci.org.

Foundation "Put on yourself"

The foundation was founded on the initiative of Szymon Bartnicki and helps gamblers, as well as their loved ones in the prevention of gambling addiction. The project began in 2017 and at first was something like the therapy of its author, who is also a gambler. With time, however, he turned into a foundation and to this day helps people struggling with this problem. More information will find here: http://www.ncpgambling.org.

The table contains information of global agencies that help people addicted to gambling.

End Organization Contact details
Argentina Playable players 0800-333-0333,
Austria Gambling help (1) 544 13 57
Belgium WHAT 02 423 03 33
Brazil Anonymous players (11) 3229-1023
You have ProblemGambling 1-866-531-2600
Chile Psychologists Ludopathy Chile 9 222 3860
France IFAC + 33 (0)2 40 84 76 20
Germany Playing with responsibility: gambling addiction 0800-1 37 27 00
Italy Two 800 55 88 22
the Netherlands AGOG 0900-2177721
Norway Help 800 800 40
Portugal Responsible game 213 950 911
Spain Fear 900 200 225
Sweden The support line 020-819 100
Switzerland Is looking for Switzerland 021 321 29 11

Useful helpline numbers for Australian gamblers

This article from Gambling Orb focuses on players seeking help in online gambling in Australia. Therefore, below we provide some useful websites on which you should look for help.

  • Behavioral addictions - a page devoted to various addictions, including gambling. You will find a lot of useful articles, as well as an online clinic.
  • Gamblingid-a non-profit project dealing with gambling addiction and facilitating access to the phone of trust.
  • Institute of Health Psychology - offers a telephone of trust, which operates every day from 17:00 to 22:00.

Here are some helpline numbers:

  • Foundation 24 hours - 801 015 121
  • Karan – 22 618 65 97
  • Monarch - 22 823 65 31
  • Crisis Trust phone - 116 123

Helping a friend addicted to gambling

Try to prevent anger or frustration. It is important not to judge or threaten.

Never offer repayment of other people's debts caused by gambling. In this way you can establish a bad precedent. A better approach is to propose financial advice.

How to convince someone that he needs help or treatment?

Convincing yourself or someone else that they need help, is one of the most difficult things. However, this is the only way out.