How to play responsibly and what to do if you can't?

Online gambling is about fun. It is about enjoying playing new games and competitions with machines, other players and live crunchies. There is also an excitement related to an unexpected win or jackpot. It is important, however, to play responsibly and this is what we always recommend at Gambling Orb.

When your main goal in online gambling becomes winning money, you need to stop and rethink your priorities. First of all, the goal should be fun, and if you win a few AUD, treat it as a bonus. Responsible gambling is that money that is not there is no money.

The party in poker online or table games at the casino is a great form of entertainment. Responsible is a great way to spend your free time.

But if you or someone around your surroundings show signs of addiction, you need to know what to do. This is what this article from Top casino review is about.

Another form of money entertainment

We all need entertainment. You can't just work and fall into a routine. In Australia, however, entertainment costs. A trip to the cinema, going to the opera, and even an evening at a local pub with my friends - you have to pay for everything. Online plants do not differ in this matter.

The only difference is that in the second case you can additionally win a few AUD by playing online poker, blackjack or other game. This is this thrill or, worse, hope, can get you in trouble. You need to know how to play responsibly.

Responsible gambling begins with science

You should never hurry. Every time you try something for the first time, you need to do a little insight to know "what you eat with". For example, you wouldn't start playing Blackjack, if you didn't know the rules at all, right? The same applies to every form of online gambling.

Take a look at several Australian online casinos. Do not register or play: just browse them. Familiarize yourself with their regulations. If there are any words that you do not understand, for example "requirements for plants", look for their meaning on the web. Also check social networking sites and hazard chats.

Set limits before the game

It is too easy to get carried away by the moment. So you must set some limits.

Setting the money limit for a gambling session

Limiting money for one gambling session is a good start on the road to responsible gambling ethics. You should already know how much free cash you have left after paying bills and maintenance costs. You can only use this money. Never spend more than you have.

Setting the time limit of the gambling session

After setting the cash limit, set a time limit for each online session. This is the next step for responsible gambling. It is too easy to get carried away, and the longer you play, the more money you will spend. So set the time limit and stick to it.

Control your behavior during the game

Starting with good intentions is a great practice. But if you don't have them, you can quickly be in trouble. So the next part of the article from gambling orb about the science of responsible gambling focuses on perseverance in their intentions.

Watch out for bonuses

Most players from Australia start betting online by receiving the welcome bonus. This is the most popular type of bonus, and all casinos offer it to attract new players to their platforms. These promotions are formulated in a way that seems very generous, which can be deceptive. Players often receive a bonus, and after winning the money they learn that they cannot withdraw cash until they meet the requirement of trading in a bonus.

In such situations, a Australian gambler may lose control over time and a planned budget, which he imposed within his principles of responsible gambling. The excitement associated with the condition of meeting the requirements of the bonus leads to the payment of additional deposits and loss of control. Do not allow such a situation.

Understanding that the casino usually wins

All games with online bets, regardless of whether they are machines or table games, are characterized by a casino advantage and RTP indicator (reimbursement to the player). The smallest casino advantage is usually 1.5% and this applies to some blackjack varieties. If the casino advantage is 1.5%, it means that RTP is 98.5%. You will never see RTP at 100% or higher, which in principle means that in the long run you will be lossy. Understanding this is the basis of responsible gambling.

The Gambling Orb team emphasizes that in a short period you can actually win and go out "on the side", but with a longer game you will most likely lose.

Don't be fooled by a gamble paradox

"Gamble Paradox" is a belief that repeated circumstances will repeat the previous victory. Nonsense. All licensed Australian online casinos operate based on RNG (random numbers generators), which determine the result of games, whether in machines, cards or other table games. The key word here is "random" and understanding, which is the basis for learning a responsible game.

The dictionary explanation of the word "random" is "a result that appears without a specific purpose, reason or pattern." Online bookmaker platforms spend a lot of money on independent RNG audits, which certify that their games are generated by random, honest results. Gambling Orb emphasizes that repetitive circumstances are just an accident.

Using the tools of responsible gambling

If you want to transfer your approach to responsible gambling to a higher level, you can "formal" your own limitations using the tools offered by online casinos. Here are some of the most popular tools available.

Tool of responsible gambling in the field of plant limits

This tool allows you to set a daily, weekly or monthly payment limit. After starting, the Australian platform will warn you if you try to exceed this limit. It is not influenced by cash transfers between different wallets or any payments made. Increasing the limits comes into force only after 7 days, while the reduced is introduced immediately.

Loss limit tool

Our team in Gambling Orb emphasizes that attempts to dust out after losing is a bad idea. In this way, you can easily increase the losses. But thanks to this tool you will limit the amount that you can lose or transfer at a certain time.

Time limit tool

Australian players who have a bad run can use this tool to suspend access to the casino for a period of 1 to 30 days.

Other tools that can help you in a responsible game are:

  • Budget calculator - helps to analyze revenues and expenses to determine the potential budget for plants.
  • Reality Check - This tool includes all games for real money you play. It works when betting on plants and generates a report after each game. It is not restrictive - it is informative.
  • Self -assessment in the field of responsible gambling - This is a tool that asks you a number of questions about your gambling activity. Based on your answers, he will indicate whether you play responsibly or you may have a problem.

The last of the available tools is a self -closing tool, which is part of the discussion below.

What to do if you feel you can't stop playing?

If you feel that you want to stop playing, but you have a problem with it, you may have to use the self -closing tool. This is the final step for every Pole who is afraid that he is unable to play responsibly.

Self -confusion is a voluntary step that every Australian gambler can take. After deciding to him, he completely excludes the player from gambling or pages with online bets. All Australian bookmakers are obliged to provide their clients with this option.

There are various self -closing programs in Australia. However, they usually work in a similar way.

  • Choose the platform from which you want to be excluded.
  • Sign consent and confirm electronically the duration of exclusion.

Gambling orb advises Australian players to think carefully about the decision to self -civilize. After the entry into force (usually there is a 24-hour period to withdraw from the contract) it will not be possible to be canceled until the end of the desired exclusion.

If you think you need help, here are some support organizations with which you can talk about how to play responsibly before you make too hasty decision and later you regret it - anonymous gamblers and the Institute of Health Psychology. You can also Read the "Gambling Addiction and problem Gambling" guide on